The telemedicine system for home mechanical ventilationtitle

MyVenus is not yet on the market.

The patented technology of MyVenus is available under license.

Monitor the breaths of those in need.

Patients suffering from chronic respiratory failure or acute respiratory diseases can undergo the treatment of Home Mechanical Ventilation, which consists in the use, at the patient’s home, of a home pulmonary ventilator.
MyVenus is a telemedicine system for home mechanical ventilation, based on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, which allows doctors, healthcare professionals and caregivers to monitor the treatment that is taking place at the patient’s home.



For a better assistance

MyVenus allows remote monitoring of both adult and pediatric patients. Doctors, health workers and caregivers are enabled to monitor the treatment through a web interface that can be checked via PC or mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) equipped with a Wifi connection.

You can choose between two web interfaces: the first with only numerical parameters, the second with numerical parameters and waveforms.

Main features

  • Continuous monitoring of home mechanical ventilation;

  • Monitoring of all breaths throughout the day;

  • Monitoring during each breath of the day;

  • Visualization of the treatment at the patient’s home through a home interface for caregivers;

  • Continuous viewing of the treatment via a dedicated web page, with access reserved for doctors and caregivers;

  • Web interface optimized for laptops and mobile devices (eg smartphones and tablets);

  • Web interface with numerical parameters or with numerical parameters and waveforms;

  • Configuration available for Bluetooth connection and for the detection of other physiological signals;

  • Apnea and patient tube disconnection detection.




Interface at the patient’s home


Interface available via web for laptops and mobile devices


Technical specifications*

Differential pressure measurement
Type: piezoresistive sensor
Range: -20 – 60 kPa
Accuracy: ± 2.5 kPa

Flow measurement
Type: variable orifice sensor
Range: up to 120 lpm
Accuracy: ± 20% or ± 25ml / s (whichever is greater)

Respiratory Rate Measurement
Range: up to 200 bpm

Sampling rate
20 Hz per channel

Displayed Information
Number of waveforms: up to 2
Type of waveforms: differential pressure, flow
Numerical parameters: respiratory rate, inspiration time, IPAP, EPAP / PEEP, mean pressure, peak flow, tidal volume, minute volume, total resistance, total compliance
Other information: current time, patient ID, MyVenus ID

Power supply characteristics
Voltage: 5V (USB powered by digital isolator)
Power: 17 mA

Mechanical characteristics
Mass: 457 g
Dimensions: 150 x 72 x 200 mm
Material: ABS
Protection class: IP 40
Color: white RAL 9002

* Specifications may change without notice

MyVenus is a registered trademark. The device is the subject of industrial property rights.

MyVenus is not yet on the market.

The patented technology of MyVenus is available under license.

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