Better clinical management of the
patient with Parkinson’s disease
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The telemedicine system for
home mechanical ventilation
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Biomedical Lab

Medical devices for people’s health.

Biomedical Lab s.r.l. is an Italian company that develops, produces and commercializes high-tech and innovative products and services.

The PD-Watch, an acronym for Parkinson’s disease watch, is a medical device that allows the processing of data regarding the body movements of adult patients with Parkinson’s disease. It intends to provide information on patients’ motor states, including tremors, bradykinesia, dyskinesia, and ON/OFF states.

The PD-Watch has been designed and developed to provide medical personnel with aid to refine the patient’s treatment plan in order to reduce symptoms and motor complications, ensuring the patient spends more time in a normal motor state.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential for the development of new treatments and new diagnostic therapeutic solutions.

Our technology offers a reliable solution for collecting objective information on motor signs related to Parkinson’s disease, Essential Tremor, and Huntington’s chorea.

Our solution is highly customisable and suitable and has undergone a wide range of research.

It is also possible the integration of our algorithms into other solutions.

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MyVenus” is a telemedicine system based on the Internet Of Things paradigm for the monitoring of patients, both pediatric and adult, with respiratory difficulties who receive the home treatment of mechanical ventilation; it is, therefore, a system that allows the remote monitoring of supportive treatment aimed at chronic or acute patients who are at home and who cannot be followed constantly by doctors and health professionals.

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